Northbound’s Drug Rehab St. Louis

Northbound Treatment is situated in Kirkwood, a charming suburb of St. Louis that provides a comfortable atmosphere to focus on healing. At Northbound’s St. Louis Rehab Center, participants in Outpatient and Sober Living Programs enjoy privacy and safety while being able to interact with the St. Louis community.

DSUB-HEADING (H2): What Makes Our St. Louis Rehab CenterSpecial  

For those who call St. Louis home, nowhere else in the world will do. The town has a quiet, Norman Rockwell-type charm. Nowhere are the people as polite or kind. Northbound is in the idyllic suburb Kirkwood, which is full of quaint details such as a stone-and-thatch train station, turn-of-the-century homes, and old-school diners.

In St. Louis, Northbound has created the city’s premier recovery community. While enrolled in any of our St. Louis programs (OutpatientIOP, Sober Living), you will interact with the local St. Louis neighborhood. Our St. Louis drug rehab center alumni have formed a strong community, meeting regularly to lend emotional support, and taking part in activities we organize, such as attending baseball games or going to restaurants downtown. We continue to support the recovery community of St. Louis by offering addiction support services, family services and group therapy. 



H. SUB-HEADING (H2): Our St. Louis RehabFacilities 

Our St. Louis programs—Outpatient, IOP, Sober Living—offer privacy and safety in charming suburban surroundings. Those looking for a residential experience can enroll in our Newport Beach program, and then enter into Outpatient or Addiction Support Services here in St. Louis. Our drug rehab St. Louis facilities are concentrated in one modern brick building, which has plenty of room for all our clinical services, such as group and individual therapy. Every day we host a free 12-Step meeting for anyone who wants to attend. Northbound has truly become the center of the St. Louis recovery community.

I. SUB-HEADING (H2):Programs Offered at Northbound St. Louis

At Northbound St. Louis, we provide the latest in evidence-based therapies and a full continuum of outpatient services to help clients achieve long-term recovery from addiction including the following therapeutic modalities: 

Northbound St. Louis Outpatient 

  • Individual and Group Therapy 
  • Individual Case Management 
  • Therapeutic Toxicology Services 
  • Recovery Support Meetings

Northbound St. Louis Family Services 

  • Weekly Family Support Group 
  • Family Therapy 
  • Communication Coaching 
  • Boundaries Education & Support 

Northbound St. Louis Support

  • Long-Term Accountability 
  • Therapeutic Toxicology Services 
  • Recovery Coaching 
  • Sober Community 

Northbound St. Louis Alumni 

  • Development of a Recovery Lifestyle 
  • Access to Weekly Groups 
  • Opportunities for Service Work 
  • Ongoing Support

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