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Inpatient Drug Rehab San Jose

People with addiction also have co-occurring mental health illnesses like anxiety disorder, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Dual diagnosis treatment offers ideal treatment programs for individuals with co-occurring disorders. These treatment centers are designed to address both disorders simultaneously, maximizing your chances of achieving life-long recovery.

At Northbound, we are an inpatient drug rehab in San Jose that helps people battling substance use disorders and mental health disorders. Our team of professionals offers the latest, evidence-based treatments that give you a firm foundation for building a fulfilling life free from addiction.

Addiction Treatment FAQs

Below are answers to common addiction treatment questions:

Why Should I Consider Going to An Inpatient Rehab?

A residential dual diagnosis addiction treatment program puts a distance between you and your home life. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, chances are your everyday life can fuel your addiction. For instance, you might be near friends who use substances or be overwhelmed by day-to-day living.

An inpatient addiction program provides a safe place where you focus entirely on overcoming your addiction. There are minimal distractions, temptations, and triggers. This can make all the difference in your recovery. Top-rated inpatient treatment centers provide a welcoming, relaxing, safe, and comfortable environment where everyone wants you to win. There, you will be equipped with the life skills needed to beat your addiction and attain long-lasting sobriety.

Is It Necessary to Go to A Dual Diagnosis Rehab?

When you have a mental health and substance use disorder at the same, treating only one disorder at a time is a recipe for disaster. It increases the risk of relapse. On the other hand, getting co-occurring disorder treatment ensures that both issues are addressed simultaneously. The result is a lower risk of relapse and better treatment outcomes that can enable you to move forward with your life.

What Are the Benefits Of A Men’s Only Rehab?

Many men still grow up being taught how to deal with life challenges differently than women. But these core beliefs of being tough can create a barrier to addiction treatment.

While Co-ed rehabs are still highly effective, men can hold back out of fear of being judged by women. However, gender-specific, co-occurring addiction treatment centers offer a space where men can freely express themselves without feeling the need to be protective of others or strong.

Therapies in men’s treatment programs are tailored to help men overcome such kinds of obstacles and get the treatment they need to reach their recovery goals.

Why Would I Need to Attend a Female-Only Rehab?

There are reasons you would benefit more from a gender-specific treatment center than a mixed-gender rehab. For example, if a male family member or intimate partner has abused you, you would feel more comfortable in a treatment facility with only women. A safe environment where your stress levels are low is vital for successful treatment and your long-term recovery.

Top-Rated Rehab

At Northbound, we provide effective, highly individualized treatment programs in our inpatient drug rehab in San Jose. Our addiction specialists use a whole-person approach when treating your substance use and co-occurring mental disorders. That way, you have the best possible chance of beating your addiction for good. To get started, verify your insurance for treatment today: https://www.northboundtreatment.com/insurance/.





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