Key Things To Know About Angel Dust

What is Angel Dust? 

Angel Dust is another term for phencyclidine, or PCP. It is a mind-altering drug that can trigger hallucinations. It has been around since 1950s. It was first used as a local anesthetic. However, Angel Dust was quickly banned when health experts realized that it had dangers effects. 

How Does Angel Dust Work? 

Angel Dust works by altering certain receptors in the brain’s neurons. It can affect dopamine levels in the brain. It may also alter the opioid receptors in the brain. 

What Are Some of the Angel Dust Side Effects? 

There are short-term and long-term effects of Angel Dust. It can work in as little as two minutes. The amount of time it takes for Angel Dust to work can vary. If you smoke Angel Dust, then you will feel the effects of it within a few minutes. 

It will take 30 to 60 minutes to feel the effects of Angel Dust if you swallow it. It takes longer for the body to absorb the drug if you swallow it. The effects of Angel Dust can last anywhere from 4 to 48 hours regardless of the way that you take it. 

The effects that you feel will depend on the amount of Angel Dust that you take. If you take a low dose, then you will relaxed and numb. Your motor skills and coordination will also be affected. High doses of Angel Dust can cause increased blood pressure, heart rate, panic, anxiety and hallucinations. Long-term use of Angel Dust can result in extreme weight loss, memory problems, speech problems and severe depression. 

Dangers of Angel Dust 

Angel Dust is an extremely dangerous drug to use. People who are under the influence of this drug are more likely to engage in dangerous activities. Angel Dust causes people to overestimate their abilities. That is why they often do things that they would not have done if they were not using Angel Dust. 

People who are under the influence of Angel Dust may also act violently towards other people. Angel Dust can also be mixed with other drugs. 

Angel Dust Addiction 

Angel Dust can be addictive. People who use Angel Dust will continue to crave it. This causes a physical dependency. When a person becomes dependent on their drug, their bodies cannot function without it. 

Angel Dust Withdrawal Symptoms 

It can be dangerous to attempt to stop using Angel Dust on their own. Angel Dust can cause anxiety, suicidal thoughts and behavior, delusions, poor memory, depression and confused thoughts. That is why it is important to go through detox. Professional detox can help you manage your symptoms. 

The Importance of Treatment 

An Angel Dust addiction does not have to ruin your life. You can get addiction treatment and get your life back on the right track. Contact us today if you are interested in ending your addiction by going into rehab in Seattle.

Article Reviewed by Paul Alexander

Paul AlexanderPaul Alexander is the founder and CEO of Northbound Treatment. He received his Certified Addiction Treatment Specialist training at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA, and was awarded Outstanding Alumni Service Award in 2002. Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology, Law and Society, Summa Cum Laude, from University of California, Irvine, and a Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. He believes wholeheartedly in transformational leadership, organizational health and effective, fully integrated substance use disorder treatment.

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