Alcoholics Anonymous Orange County CA – Young People In AA

All California Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous, or ACYPAA, is an organization within Alcoholics Anonymous that many young people in Orange County AA gravitate towards when they enter addiction treatment in Orange County and other parts of California. The organization holds regular events for young people in addiction recovery, which hundreds and sometimes thousands attend. Read More

Returning to Work or School After Rehab

A necessary part of rebuilding your life in recovery is returning to work or school. This can be a challenging transition to make after being away but gives you the opportunity to implement what you have learned in treatment. You are likely to face a variety of situations where you must decide how you will Read More

What To Expect As A Family Member When Your Loved One Is In Drug Rehab

So you’ve put your loved one in treatment, now what? Most likely it’s your son or daughter. The years of drug use, drinking alcohol, lying, and cheating has finally come to a crossroads and you’ve put your loved one in drug rehab. Whether your Britney Spears parents, or John Smith’s parents, there are certain things Read More

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