Sex Addiction Treatment and Drug Rehab in Orange County

Treatment for Sex Addiction is commonly done in drug rehabs because sex addiction is treated with many of the same methods used to treat drug and alcohol addiction.  At Northbound we have specific groups dedicated to sex and healthy relationships.  In our LINKS Program, the Christian Addiction Treatment Program at Northbound, there is a workbook Read More

Sex and Addiction Treatment

Sex while in addiction treatment facilities between clients is never allowed in addiction treatment under any circumstances. Every facility throughout the United States and abroad has a NO FRATERNIZATION RULE! Fraternization, in drug rehab, is defined as becoming romantically involved with another client in the same addiction treatment facility. This applies to females with males, Read More

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Sex addiction can involve an array of compulsive behaviors that mimic drug addiction. Dr. Patrick Carnes, one of the leaders in sex addiction research and treatment has developed the following criteria for sex addiction: Recurrent failure (pattern) to resist impulses to engage in extreme acts Read More

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