Christian Drug Rehab – Orange County, California

There’s a strong Christian community in Orange County, California. Many famous mega-churches call Orange County home, in fact. Including: Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel Mariner’s Church With how strong the Christian presence is in Orange County, it’s surprising that there aren’t more drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities centered around helping Christian Read More

Effective Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Orange County, California

Effective drug and alcohol treatment in Orange County, California is easy to find. Just throw a stone in any direction in Orange County and you will hit a drug rehab. Many of the addiction treatment facilities in Orange County are effective in treating drug and alcohol addiction. Some may offer more services than others, so Read More

The New Marketing Strategy for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

“You know what these addiction treatment conferences have become? Marketers marketing to marketers.” Dr. Kevin McCauley  Over the last ten years the marketing strategy for drug and alcohol treatment facilities across the nation has changed.  Once upon a time (ten years ago), marketers for drug and alcohol treatment facilities were segregated.  Primary treatment facilities like the Read More