Post-Treatment Interventions – A New Idea!

Why Not Have A Post-Treatment Intervention?  An Interventionist For Each Client After They Enter Treatment  The other day I was talking to interventionist Jean Mackie. We were talking about the process of interventions and some of her experiences.  As she was talking about her work with the family’s of alcoholics and addicts I thought that Read More

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Activities – Having Fun In Recovery

Activities in drug and alcohol treatment are an important part of drug rehab. Learning how to have fun in sobriety is one of the most important aspects of long-term recovery from addiction. If a person cannot learn how to have fun in their new sober life, then their motivation to remain sober will eventually deteriorate. Read More

The RAP Program – Outpatient at Northbound

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol treatment at Northbound utilizes all the principles and curriculum from the inpatient Northbound Drug and Alcohol treatment program, but in a condensed version. Clients can enter the outpatient drug treatment program directly, or after they have completed one of Northbound’s primary programs. The Outpatient Drug Treatment program at Northbound is three Read More

NTS Consequences and Rewards

At NTS Treatment Centers we have developed a Consequences and Rewards system. In Drug and Alcohol Rehab it is difficult to develop creative ways to address behavioral concerns of clients. So, at NTS we have created and elaborate therapeutic system of Consequences and Rewards. Most drug rehab facilities simply take away spending money, discharge clients, Read More