Fighting Back Against the Heroin Epidemic

The phrase “opioid epidemic” is one that has been popping up more frequently across the news over the past few years as efforts increase to prevent drug abuse and treat those with substance use disorders. Many people are aware of prescription opioid drug abuse problems, but may not realize that heroin is an opioid as Read More

Heroin Epidemic Dramatically Impacting Myanmar

Heroin is an active killer in many nations throughout the world, but we often focus on how it’s impacting Americans within the borders of our 50 states. However, this deadly, opium-based drug is taking over the lives of people from all different cultures – and destroying their countries as well. For those living in Myanmar, Read More

Heroin Overdose Victim Left for Dead

The heroin epidemic is not just getting bigger, but it is also getting uglier than ever before. This week, in small town Pennsylvania, two young adults were charged with recklessly endangering another person when they left a heroin overdose victim on the side of the road in Manheim Township, PA. Julia Slaymaker, 19, and Nathan Read More

More Deaths Linked to Laced Heroin

At the beginning of February, headlines were packed with information about the growing heroin epidemic. From the death of legendary actor Philip Seymour Hoffman to the 22 heroin-related deaths in one week out of Pittsburgh, it was all the nation seemed to be talking about. However, in typical fashion, Americans are on to the next Read More