How to Support Your Loved One After Rehab

There are many phases in recovery, but returning from a substance abuse treatment program will likely be one of the most difficult steps for people in recovery. They’re still unsure of themselves and about what the future will hold. Returning to familiar environments may also be triggering as it reminds them of their addiction.  It’s likely Read More

New Drug is 100 Times More Potent than Fentanyl

The experimental drug W-18 has resurfaced and is keeping law enforcement on high alert In the 1980s, a team of scientists at the University of Alberta manufactured a series of experimental opioids. Their research concluded that one of the formulations, referred to as W-18, is approximately 100 times more potent than fentanyl which until recently, Read More

Red Ribbon Week: Talking to Your Kids About Addiction

As a parent, you want to empower your children to be independent, make good choices, and achieve their goals. You are a powerful influencer in their success. Your children are constantly watching, listening, and learning from you, whether you realize it or not. It may seem as though they aren’t paying attention sometimes, but they’re Read More

Family Support Matters in Recovery

Watching a loved one struggle with addiction can be frustrating, challenging and heartbreaking, especially when they do not recognize the severity of the problem. Getting them into Northbound’s comprehensive treatment program can bring a sigh of relief, but your job is not over. Family support plays an integral role in more successful recovery, and whether Read More

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