What to Look Out For: 13 Warning Signs of Meth Use and How to Help

In a 2017 national survey, it was reported that 6.4% of people ages 26 and older had done methamphetamine. Meth can go by many names – crystal, crank, speed, tweak, chalk – and it often depends on what form it takes. There are also various different methods for taking meth. It can be snorted, injected, Read More

10 Risk Factors for Substance Abuse – And Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Them

Substance abuse is a huge issue right now, and the problem appears to be trending upward.  Not only do people addicted to substances hurt themselves, but this problem also creates more than $700 billion in damages and expenses related to medical care, crime, and lost job productivity.  Substance abuse issues don’t just arise overnight — Read More

The ‘High’ Of Using Cocaine

People often wonder what why others seek the use of controlled substances and drugs like cocaine and why someone is unable to control their use of it. Addiction isn’t normally a cut and dry affair of simple choices and bad actions. People turn to drug use for a variety of reasons including stress in their Read More

Why Meth Users Have Meth Sores and Scabs on Their Faces

Some of the tell-tale signs of meth abuse include meth sores, scabs, and acne on the face.  Meth causes many users to feel a crawling sensation under their skin (called “formication”), often referred to as “meth mites”, causing them to pick obsessively at their faces, leading to meth scars. Heavy meth usage cuts off the Read More

New Drug is 100 Times More Potent than Fentanyl

The experimental drug W-18 has resurfaced and is keeping law enforcement on high alert In the 1980s, a team of scientists at the University of Alberta manufactured a series of experimental opioids. Their research concluded that one of the formulations, referred to as W-18, is approximately 100 times more potent than fentanyl which until recently, Read More

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