Psychological Factors that Inhibit Seeking Help

In the article “Avoidance of counseling: Psychological factors that inhibit seeking help” (2007) the authors discuss the techniques used to help counselors reach out to reluctant clients (p.410). The authors begin by pointing out the way a person initially enters treatment. They say that “…the act of seeking professional help” is a process of “…approach/avoidance Read More

Learning and Conditioning – Drug and Alcohol Treatment Triggers

Many of the concepts incorporated into drug and alcohol treatment programs are based on basic learning and conditioning research done by some of the early pioneers of behavior therapy. Of course the most notable of the original learning and conditioning scientists is Ivan Pavlov. While he was considered the first to form the Classical Conditioning Read More

Carl Jung and Addiction Treatment and Alcoholics Anonymous AA

Carl Jung is considered one of the great contributors to Alcoholics Anonymous and recovery. Some of his ideas permeate addiction treatment facilities today. Some of Carl Jung’s most notable contributions to psychology were his ideas of the collective unconscious and archetypes. Carl Jung considered the collective unconscious the deepest level of the psyche containing the Read More