Finding the Right Fit: How to Choose a Detox Program in Orange County

Nearly 25 million people throughout the U.S. have used some sort of illegal drug in the last month. Nearly 10 percent of people older than 12 also abuse illegal drugs or prescription drugs on a regular basis. If you’re struggling with drug abuse and addiction — or know someone who is — it’s imperative that you Read More

Why Detox is Just the Start of Recovery

No matter what type of drug a person is addicted to – alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, prescription drugs – the first step in recovery is to remove these substances from the body. You cannot fully engage in a treatment program and make the most of it while still under the influence of drugs. Drugs and Read More

Fentanyl Overdoses on the Rise in California

The opioid epidemic is sweeping the nation and has recently become even more dangerous. While prescription opioids and heroin are still a major concern, another drug has made its way onto the scene: fentanyl. Fentanyl is by no means a new drug and has been used since the 1960s in hospitals, but it is now Read More

Fighting Back Against the Heroin Epidemic

The phrase “opioid epidemic” is one that has been popping up more frequently across the news over the past few years as efforts increase to prevent drug abuse and treat those with substance use disorders. Many people are aware of prescription opioid drug abuse problems, but may not realize that heroin is an opioid as Read More

Treatment for Barbiturate Withdrawal Symptoms

How Do People Become Addicted to Barbiturates? Barbiturate addiction can befall nearly anyone who uses drugs. Youth experimenting with drugs, professionals hoping to relieve stress and insomniacs who use them as a sleep aid are all susceptible to addiction. In which cases, addiction treatment can help. Those who use barbiturates can build up a tolerance Read More