The Future of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

For many of us, we fantasize about the future and what it could bring; teleportation and flying electric cars, food creation beams like those on Star Trek, space vacations, etc. Some people dealing with addiction might have a different outlook of what they look forward to, such as a cure-all from their illness in a Read More

What Does Cocaine Do To A User?

Cocaine has multiple ways it can be used which include smoking it, injecting it and snorting it. Snorting cocaine, which is to inhale a powder form of the drug in through the nose, is one of the more popular ways of use, which brings with it some unique effects on the body. Compared to other Read More

How Does Cocaine Damage The Body?

Sniffing cocaine, often referred to as ‘snorting’, is a method of ingestion in which a person inhales a fine powder form of the drug through the nose. One of the more well-known effects of snorting cocaine is damage to the nose and nasal cavity which leads to loss of smell and nose bleeds. In some Read More

Is Someone In Your Family Addicted to Cocaine?

Families face many kinds of challenges through their years. Some of them can be external such as deciding if moving from one city to another is worthwhile to the the family’s well being and happiness or they can be internal such as helping a family member in distress. Many families have dealt with and will Read More

Side Effects of Cocaine and Crack

Cocaine and crack are variations of the same drug, both originating from the extract of the coca plant. While the actual effects of both are very similar, there’s distinct differences between the two both in terms of addiction and side effects. It’s important to remember that there’s no distinction between the two when it comes Read More