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Buspar Treatment for Anxiety and Beta-Blockers – Addiction Treatment

10/08/2009 Posted by Living Sober

There are many effective non-benzodiazepine options for addicts and alcoholics in drug rehab. Many drug rehabs and addiction treatment facilities will not allow their patients to be prescribed benzodiazepines for anxiety symptoms. One of the drugs many addiction treatment centers use is to treat anxiety is Buspar (Buspirone). Buspar, or Buspirone, is a psychoactive drug that works on the serotonin neurotransmitter as opposed to benzodiazepine/ GABA(a) receptor site agonists that are much more addictive. Many addiction psychiatrists and addiction medicine specialists are using beta-blockers as well to help with anxiety related symptoms. Beta Blockers are wonderful inventions that do not effect a person emotionally, that is to say that after taking a beta blocker the person does not “feel” the drug’s effects. Beta blockers are great for performers and people who have stage fright. They help with stage fright symptoms such as sweaty palms, increased respiration, pounding heart, etc… These medications coupled with CBT and addiction treatment therapy can often alleviate anxiety in addiction treatment patients who are experiencing anxiety.

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