Sex Addiction Treatment and Drug Rehab in Orange County

Edited by Living Sober

Last updated January 29, 2010

Treatment for Sex Addiction is commonly done in drug rehabs because sex addiction is treated with many of the same methods used to treat drug and alcohol addiction.  At Northbound we have specific groups dedicated to sex and healthy relationships.  In our LINKS Program, the Christian Addiction Treatment Program at Northbound, there is a workbook that we use that specifically deals with sex addiction and pornography addiction.  Tiger Woods’ recent problems have thrust sex addiction back in to the spotlight.  Sex addiction treatment and drug rehab go hand-in-hand.  Many drug addicts switch addictions and become involved in risky sexual practices.  Many times people who get sober will participate in risky sex behavior, or sexually addictive types of behaviors, for a little while then stop when they see the consequences of their actions.  Others will fully develop a sexual addiction in sobriety.  There are not many rehabs in Orange County specifically focused on treating sexual addiction, but many drug and alcohol rehabs in Orange County will be able to treat mild sexual compulsivity and addiction.

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