Treatments For Benzo Addiction

Benzo prescriptions and overdose fatalities involving benzos have both risen over the course of the past decade and a half. Typically, benzodiazepines such as Xanax or Klonopin are only prescribed for short-term treatment of panic attacks, insomnia, and anxiety due to their high potency levels. Unfortunately, doctors may  overprescribe them and people use them to Read More

Benzo Detox Timeline: Everything You Need to Know

Alprazolam, better known as its brand name Xanax, is a benzodiazepine that’s widely prescribed to treat anxiety and panic disorder. It’s also been characteristically misused with an increasing number over overdoses, particularly in teens, in recent years. A study published by the American Psychiatric Association at the end of 2018 claimed over 12 percent of Read More

Benzo Detox: What to Expect

As a prescribed medication, benzo use is not uncommon. The number of Americans who filled prescriptions for benzodiazepines increased to 13.1 million by 2013, as reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It also highlighted a second study that showed the percentage of people prescribed benzos with opioids rose by 17 percent in 2013. Read More

Why Detoxing From Alcohol at Home Isn’t Safe

Millions of adults face alcohol addiction every year. Many of those who struggle with alcoholism believe they can quit drinking or cut back whenever they want to. The reality is that when the brain becomes addicted, it changes the physiology as it learns to adapt to the increased presence of alcohol over time. Switching from Read More

What Is Binge Drinking?

Drinking alcohol in moderation is not typically considered harmful to one’s health. Drinking alcohol frequently and in large quantities is what leads to harmful side effects. Binge drinking, specifically, is one of the most common and dangerous examples of excessive alcohol use.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s binge drinking definition is: “a pattern Read More