Bi-Polar Disorder Treatment at Northbound and Addiction Treatment

Often, individuals who have substance use disorder (SUDs) also suffer from mental and behavioral health disorders. People who have addiction combined with another disorder have what professionals call “co-occurring disorders”. One common co-occurring disorder is bipolar disorder; it often affects those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction.  What is Bipolar Disorder and How Does Read More

The Prism Awards

When I used to go out to an event, I would only show up to some of the biggest and best parties, and I would get hammered before I even got there. By the time I left, I would have already blacked out and not remembered anything about that night. Today, when I go to Read More

Wahler’s Wellness Site Launch

  Without a doubt, I am an open book – especially at this point in my life. I have taken an incredibly challenging time in my life and turned it around, and am now focused on using my experience with substance abuse and recovery to uplift others and raise awareness. There are a number of Read More

Dangers of Social Cocaine Use

There is one thing we know for sure about the human race – we must experiment. It is just part of who we are as natural-born explorers and inquisitors. Unfortunately, for many people, the urge to experiment leads to very serious consequences. Therefore, despite many warnings about things such as drug use and abuse, a Read More

Intoxicated Docs

We get routine checkups. We sometimes get surgery. Women receive mammograms and cervical exams, and men ensure their prostate is working properly. We attend a number of health-related doctor’s visits for these things, plus many more. When we walk into the office, we immediately put our lives in the hands of others – literally. But Read More